Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Capping off the year of DuckTales' 25th anniversary...

Througout 2012, Joseph Adorno, Chris Barat, and Pete Fernbaugh each did an excellent job of  composing their own series of blog entries commemorating DuckTales' two-and-a-half-decade birthday. I'm remiss that, during the relevant calendar year, I never got around to creating at least one post honoring said milestone in my own way.

I never planned on doing an ongoing series on the subject as have the above-named friends, but I'd had the notion that I'd select a couple of favorite episodes from the first season and post a review and/or reflection on each on the respective anniversary of its original airdate. Obviously, I missed the boat, the first 64 times over...the only remaining opportunity being the first season's finale, "Till (sic) Nephews Do Us Part", which premiered on January 1st, 1988...as of this posting, 25 years ago to the date.

...but, frankly, I'm not overly fond of it. I don't particularly dislike it...but it's just not on in my Top Five. I'll have far more of a sense of satisfaction if I salute the passing of DT's 25th anniversary year by spotlighting a couple of my favorites.

...so why not do just that? ...in fact...hey, "my Top Five" -- sounds good! In no particular order (and strictly first-season, and indvidual, self-contained episodes only...or else my Top Five would just be every installment of "Treasure of the Golden Suns"![*]):

"Raiders of the Lost Harp":

"Matser of the Djinni":

"Home Sweet Homer":


"Bermuda Triangle Tangle":

"Much Ado About Scrooge":

[*] Speaking of "Treasure of the Golden Suns", it won't hurt to throw this out there again: ANYONE, ANYWHERE have a recording (whether on VHS or a digital transfer) of the original two-hour TV movie version, preferably with all original commercials and "bumpers" intact? I've felt nostaligic toward it, pining to see it again, since three or four years after it'd premiered (so, for the past 21 or 22 or years...)

...anyway, welcome to 2013, everyone! :)

-- Ryan