Saturday, August 24, 2013

A question...

Why would it ever occur to anyone to do an animated Teen Titans TV series as a sitcom, replete with Nickelodeon-esque "snappy" humor, as well as dialogue based in (and maybe influencing) what "pre-teens" think is trendy, and all drawn in a blocky, sub-Hanna-Barbera/Nicktoons style? Once they've passed on, Marv Wolfman and George PĂ©rez are gonna have a lot of rolling-in-their-graves to catch up on!

But what's even more inexplicable is that I actually don't mind watching the show. I think it's just because of familiarity. "Hey, that's Cyborg! Hey, that's Koriand'r! Hey, that's Raven! I know who they are!" ...but, well, that said, should I make an association with this...

...whenever I set eyes upon this?!

Whether or not I "should", the act of the matter is that I do... leaving us with the real question: what kind of mixed-up world do we live in, where a production making such a radical -- and not particularly tasteful -- departure in nature from the source material is even a remote possibility, let alone a full-blown reality?

-- Ryan