Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rare intimacy...

As was arranged in advance, I'm putting in dozens of hours at work this week (also, there's a Grassroots Reflections deadline next week!), so it will be some time before another exhaustive post like those seen thus far. 

In the meantime, I'll share glimpses of the Assorted Thoughts CEO's office. 

I make no pretenses that I have any photography skill.  This is just for fun. 


A different angle:

(It's obvious what kind of boxes those are, I'm sure.  But I'm counting on at least a couple certain people to come pretty close in guessing at what those are on the topmost-visible shelf!)

Wondering what's on top of the boxes?  Look no further?  What's currently on-hand aside the desk:

It's way too hot outside.  Have a good rest of the week, folks.  Hopefully, there will be some sort of new post this weekend.  (Though probably not involving the subject matter I have "big plans" for...)

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