Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hasty update...

Posting this from work.  For inexplicable reasons, my Internet at home is down, and Comcast's technicians won't be available until Wednesday.  (ARRGHH!!!)  So, the next installment in the "History of DuckTales Comic Books" series won't be appearing for several days.  (Full disclosure:  I'd actually intended to devote just ONE post to that subject, but as I was wrapping up the Gladstone portion, I realized, "Oh, it's time to go to work!  Hey, why don't I make this a multi-part series?!  ...this would be a good breakaway point!")

(P.S.  My comment at the BOOM! forum?  Besides being melodramatic, I was really just trying to get a rise out of them.  But really, I wouldn't have done that if it hadn't become trendy to vent about them, now that their days of publishing Disney comics are numbered -- so, I'm spineless!  Last night, I was mulling over how great the "Classics are back!" era that spanned the first half of this year had been, and how beautiful those books were ... but that's been overshadowed by abruptly the "core four" were cancelled, and how said cancellation has never been acknowledged or explained by BOOM! themselves.)


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