Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In hindsight, how portentous both of your musings were, oh ye letter-writer and ye editor...

Inevitably, during my latest grad school residency, which was held earlier this month, I visited the nearby Wonder Cards & Comics in Barre, VT, and emerged from it with a modest (heh...) stack of "new" (to me) "old" comics...which I'm still working my way through.

Just now, I'd made it as far as the letter column on the inside front cover of one of said excursion's acquisitions, Uncle Scrooge #230 (cover date: October 1988). Here's it's (quite, quite nice) Daan Jippes-drawn cover:

One letter in particular, in conjunction with its editorial reply, was very striking, due to how this exchange is obviously (as you'll see) a product of pre-mid-'90's Duck fandom. 

If the provisions of SOPA will permit, here's the second and last paragraph, reproduced in full, of a letter written by one Orlando J. Almodovar of Rosedale Queens, NY:

Can you make and print a story about Scrooge coming from Scotland, earning his #1 dime, and building up his fortune? That would be an extravaganza!

The editorial response (skipping its first paragraph, which deals with a separate question Mr. Almodovar had asked):

The story you're asking for would be a mighty long one [indeed!!! -- Ryan], and some of the details on how Scrooge earned his fortune have already been covered in past stories [...and little do you realize, Don Rosa's brewing big plans based around such flashbacks and dialogue-based passing anecdotal references ... well, I don't think Don realized his destiny, either, but suspect he had a considerable amount of his research already in the bag by '88, just by sheer first nature! -- R.], but it might be nice to do a shorter piece on exactly how Scrooge got his first dime [...involving time travel, perhaps? ;) -- R.].

...little did they realize...! ;)

So, Orlando, if you're out there: were you still reading by the time Gladstone serialized Life and Times? Were you excited at the time? Did you like it? Since then, has your perspective in regards to it changed at all?  :)



  1. Ryan:

    That is one GREAT FIND – and indicative of the “treasures” all of us can discover, just by re-reading old comics and the peripheral and ancillary material that comes with them!

    Now, don’t ya be scrutinizing *MY* old letters, ya hear! I’d shudder to think what you might find! :-)


  2. I used to have that issue! I recall it reprinted the story where Scrooge has to find his uncle Quagmire (indeed, "Quagmire"!)'s watch and claim an inheritance - and it turns out to be a tiny ruby that belonged to the watch's case.

  3. Ryan,

    Quite a (re) discovery!