Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scrooge McDuck's political values ( take, anyway!)

Just read "Time of Reckoning", written by Andreas Phil and drawn by Massimo Fecchi, by way of a newly-acquried copy of Gemstone's Donald Duck Adventures #1 (Jully 2003)

The scenario: Scrooge has been teleported to a dystopian future, where Duckburg has fallen under the tyranny of an artificial intelligence. Scrooge has found refuge with the surviving "natural-born duck" resistance fighters. For a particular reason, the following exchange, on page 17, jumped out at me:


I.D. (the enigmatic resistance leader): "Ego abolished all forms of currency, replacing them with credit cards and electronic banking. As a symbol of the new order, he destroyed all your bills and coins!

Scrooge: "I'll turn that chip-head into a waffled iron for this!"

I.D.: "You see, we have the same goal -- the return of cold, hard cash to Duckburg!"

...well, now more than ever, I'm convinced that Scrooge would be inclined to voting for Ron Paul!  :D  ;)


(And I can see Scrooge as a former Rush Limbaugh listener, until it was obvious that Rush had become an entirely compromised, yet shameless party shill, despite the fact that "both" of the establishment parties are beholden to the same bailed-out, "too-big-to-fail" banks*. Thus, naturally, Scrooge now tunes in to hear the broadcasts of Alex Jones instead.)  :D  ;)

* (Those crooked, corrupt, untouchable international banks, with their Mafia-like operating practices, are, of course, owned by Rockerduck! Hehehe!)


  1. That is a frighteningly plausible notion. Ideas, subscribe, newsletter, etc. However, I have to think that Scrooge's latent humanism would've prevented him from ever really being a Limbaugh (ugh) listener.

  2. Geo,

    Somehow, I had a feeling that if anyone were to comment on this post, it'd be you! As a Ron Paul supporter, I can't say that I'm with you in finding anything about this premise "frighteningly plausible". (Well, if I were to visit the money bin and find Scrooge listening to Limbaugh, I'd grimace and cringe just a little.) :)

    Have you ever sen About Schmidt? There's a scene where Jack Nicholson's character is driving, with no passengers, and Limbaugh's voice can be heard emitting from the car radio. I find it quite easy to imagine Scrooge standing in for Nicholson, and that may have played a part in what what made me think of Scrooge's radio habits.

    -- Ryan

  3. I think you're right about Scrooge giving up on Rush. I used to be the biggest Limbaugh fan around...until I started opening my mind to other ideas and acquainting myself with living, breathing folks of other ideological persuasions. Suddenly, they weren't the straw men Limbaugh had set them up to be.

    I also think Scrooge would dig Ron Paul's campaign, having formerly been a Goldwater Republican. He'd love the idea of ending the Fed and might even provide the ammunition to do just that. I also think he would tell Donald Trump and His Merry Band of Birthers, social conservatives, and others in the party who are holding back its message of fiscal conservatism to take a flying leap...

    He definitely would not back Romney. Romney would strike him as too much of a Rockerduck. He might tolerate the Bushes, if only for that massive government contract he managed to wrangle off Grandpappy Bush back in the day (yet another Don Rosa Lost Chapter), but he wouldn't be close to them.

    Then again, Scrooge isn't much of a joiner. So, he might be an Independent, after all. But I think he'd find Alex Jones to be full of hogwash most of the time. Donald, however, would have graduated from Glenn Beck to Jones by now. (Hence prompting a sequel to that viral YouTube video from a few years ago.)

    Great post, Ryan! It's kinda fun to think of these guys and their political persuasions. I'm betting Mickey would be a bleeding-heart liberal? Or a liberaltarian...whatever that is...which is where I'm finding myself these days.


  4. Pete,

    Thanks for the great reply!

    Hmm, yeah, Scrooge listening to Alex Jones doesn't seem the right fit. I guess I just went with it because Jones has been unequivocally pro-Ron Paul. And agreed that "Scrooge isn't much of a joiner" -- he might not even vote at ALL, seeing all politicians as "out to get" his money! ...and really, now, would he be wrong?! ;)

    I actually said in an e-mail to Joe, "I think of Romney more as a Rockerduck type." And, I, too, in the past couple years have come to identify myself as a libertarian. Great minds think alike!

    The especially irresponsible Donald with very low-brow tastes of modern European stories, if he were to even be AWARE of politics at all ... I can see him being the type to watch a bit of MSNBC and then flip the channel and watch a bit of Fox News (IF he'd watch the news at all...), and not be able to tell the difference, and be easily impressed that ANY talking heads "sounds like he/she knows what they're talking about!" Barks' Donald, though something of a chump, disenfranchised, and not in the least of ways a slacker, wasn't exactly dumb. I can see him leaning to the right or the left. He might even be a relatively well-informed moderate.

    The scrappy, street-smart, rough-and-tumble Mickey of the EARLIEST Gottfredson strips would've been a Clint Eastwood-type Republican. On the other hand, Paul Murry's more, er, "civilized", straight-laced Mickey would've been a mainline liberal Democrat. :D

    Goofy's apolitical. I can see a case being made, depending on story, era, and writer, that the nephews lean to either the right OR to the left.

    Anyone else have any speculation to offer? This is fun!

    -- Ryan