Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In memory of the REAL Oliver Queen/Green Lantern...

This morning, while checking my e-mail, I was subjected to a web advertisement for -- as I surmised -- tonight's premiere of a new prime time action/drama series on "The CW" apparently entitled Arrow.

For a second, I thought nothing of it. Then, as things started to click, I did a double-take. It went something like, "Wait ... the font used for the title is distinctly green ... oh, no ... is this what I think it is?" Turns out ... yeah, it was.

I'm sorry, but Oliver Queen works best for me as a middle-aged guy. I'd much rather see him played by Liam Neeson or Sean Connery (those might not be the best choices, but off the top of my head, they're close enough to what I have in mind to give you an idea, I think...) than some strapping young "hottie".

I may be wrong, but could it be that the more youthful Green Arrow/Ollie Queen of The New 52, a "reboot" that was in effect just over a year ago now, was coordinated with the development of this new post-Smallville "teen"-geared TV series?


Here's Oliver/GA the way I prefer to think of him, as rendered by Neal Adams:

And later, by Mike Grell:

Of course, the bearded version of the character was a redesign, courtesy of Adams (first used for Brave in the Bold #85 (Aug.-Sept. 1969), its cover shown above). The character had been around since More Fun Comics #73 (Nov. 1941), and had pretty much always looked more or less like this:

Arguably, the original conception of GA, with his short hair and clean-cut, boyish face, is closer to the New 52 version than the Adams/Grell/etc. version! So who am I to complain about the "reboot"? Just some stubborn ol' crank, I guess! :D

-- Ryan


  1. My favorite Green Arrow is the Adams version you illustrate!

    But, the earlier Silver Age and prior version seen on the BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD animated series is quite good too! The Bats/GA rivalry they play up there is great – and logical, if you give it some thought.

    But, these days, DC is about nothing if not “reinventing for the sake of reinventing”. Since I’ve gotten off the train, do let me know how it works out.

  2. I would say the "New52" GA is closer to the "Smallville" take on Queen. The costume is about the same, particularly when Hartley often appeared in costume without the hood in later episodes. I'm sure the recast was to disconnect it from "Smallville" and say this was something new, but I don't think anyone would've complained if they used Hartley anyway.

    Actually, I didn't like the "Old Fart" GA at first, because he often came off like he was one step away to becoming "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski (although now I wouldn't be turned-off by the sight of Jeff Bridges stumbling over rooftops and wiping drool off his chin every 5 seconds).

    What made this idea of an older GA appealing to me was a novel Devin Grayson wrote, "DC Universe:Inheritance" in which the GL/GA stories were retold from Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow)'s P.O.V.

    My cable company is still feuding with Tribune, the comapany that owns NY CW station PIX11 and AntennaTV, so I did not see it, but I did see a subway ad for it - it looked a lot like "Tarzan In Manhattan" - he's shirtless here. It's as if each costume redesign is a form of undress until he winds up in a loincloth.

    I heard the show plans to use characters like the Huntress and the Royal Flush Gang to generate more interest beyond the generic gangsters that appear in the trailers. I'm sure it will all be new to me when it appears in Summer reruns - this dispute is taking forever to resolve.