Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Overstreet's World of Comic Books

All right -- have my laptop back. The Man of Steel review is still forthcoming. In the meantime, here's something I've been meaning to get around to for a LONG time now...

 Have any of you guys ever seen this? It's a veritable relic from the days when "Comic Con" (the San Diego one) hadn't yet been co-opted by Hollywood, and when pretentious "academics" and hipsters weren't dictating that comics have finally become an art form with the "advent" of "graphic novels". And seeing that it bears the Overstreet brand, you know it's going to be well-represent the Old Guard...

...but the first time that I watched this, I was floored by what I hadn't expected: that funny animal comics in general, and Carl Barks specifically, would actually be given their due. At 34:34, the focus is suddenly entirely on Barks, and stays that way for the next several minutes.

Said several minutes includes interview footage of Barks, in which it becomes apparent that he's the sweetest man who's ever lived. And then, BAM!, at 40:12 ... Bruce Hamilton! The interior of Gladstone's office! Sue Daigle at work! Stuff I never thought I'd lay eyes (or ears) on.

 -- Ryan

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  1. Ryan,

    I have this documentary on VHS. I'm glad to see it appear on Youtube.