Sunday, June 29, 2014

Attn: IDW or Dynamite Entertainment. A proposal: a Rocketeer/Tales of the Gold Monkey crossover mini-series!

Both being pulp revivals that premiered in 1982 (one as a comic book, one as a TV series), both set in the late 1930's (the era of the pulps), and both starring crack pilots, Stevens' Rocketeer and Donald P. Bellisario's Tales of the gold Monkey are true, er, brothers of another mother.

Although IDW has been publishing original (and exellent)  Rocketeer mini-series for the past few years, my first instinct was to think of this as a project tailor-made for Dynamite, with their numerous, successful pulp revivals (The Shadow, The Green Hornet, The Spider) and the critically-acclaimed crossover starring said characters and others.

However, IDW's The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction certainly looks good on their resume, making them an ideal candidate in their own right. And both have a stellar track record of producing comic versions of genre TV favorites old and new alike -- for example, IDW's various iterations of Doctor Who, Star Trek, and 24; and IDW's The Bionic Man, Dark Shadows, and Xena: Warrior Princess. I can easily see either doing a Tales of the Gold Monkey comic -- not only in the form of this hypothetical crossover, but as its own ongoing series -- to the point where I'm surprised that it hasn't already happened.

So, how about it, guys? I would think that either of you would be all over this!

-- Ryan

P.S. I'd say that TaleSpin should be tossed into the mix,but that'd have to involve alternate universe cross-travel, and would be aesthetically jarring. Perhaps an alternate version of Cape Suzette in the same universe as Cliff and Jake, but inhabited by humans, including human versions of Baloo, Kit, Rebecca, Shere Khan, et al? Louie and "Bon Chance" Louie would by necessity have to trade notes on running their respective establishments.

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