Monday, August 11, 2014

Never say you'll never see my "Never Say Nefir" review...

It's on its way. Last week at work was more draining than usual, so I needed to take it easy over the weekend so as to recharge mentally. Also, between having dinner with my aunt on Saturday and having a lot of housekeeping to clean up on, I was kept busy. Something had to give. (And even if there'd been less on my plate, the time would've raced by, as it always does, anyway.)

I'm thinking that tomorrow evening, I'll do the bulk of work on the review, and best-case scenario, will have it posted by late tomorrow night.

But really, don't the below images say it all? It's a mix of absurdism and satire worthy of Jay Ward, but the fuller (and well-directed) animation allows things to be taken maximally over-the-top.

What's there not to like?! I'll try to find something tomorrow night (but I think I'll come up short, which is what I prefer). It's a date!

-- Ryan

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