Sunday, October 19, 2014

No, don't doubt me, I *will* do the right thing and review "Do the Rat Thing"...

I have a "two reviews a month" rule, which I've met (at a minimum) thus far all year...but a recent pattern is that when a new months start, I'll be mentally out to lunch when it comes to blog, and once I realize more than half of the month has gone by, I'll be like, "Oh, crap..." (This time, I have a -- personal -- better reason than ever for having been busy otherwise, though!)

I plan to have my take on "Do the Rat Thing" up sometime this week. It's not an episode I ever thought much of, but we'll see what I find once I revisit it. What has always stood out for me is that it's a Phasir episode (our second), but one in which his role is even smaller than usual and isn't really consistent with his other appearances -- in fact, his use, as I remember it, is kind of arbitrary in this case. But let's save that for the review...

Check back later this week!

-- Ryan

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