Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At last!!!

Look what popped up in my Facebook feed and that someone had found at Previews:

While I'm sad that they've chosen to not resume the series' longstanding numbering, the return of an ongoing duck title hopefully, with a couple more to follow, and at least one "mouse" title) to the U.S. comic book market is cause to celebrate.Can't wait 'til April!

-- Ryan


  1. Technically, this is the first time an "Uncle Scrooge #1" was ever published. It's kind of like with Captain America and The Incredible Hulk at Marvel Comics - their ongoing series continued the numbering of the defunct anthology titles they debuted in, only to get their first "#1's" in the late-1990s. Although with Scrooge, the "Four Color" series continued after his series spun-off from it.

    At least it won't be $4.99...then again, we've seen issues of Uncle Scrooge for $6.99 & $7.99, so...

    And why not just go ahead and name it "Scrooge McDuck" instead if the want to start fresh? I'm used to referring to him as "Scrooge McDuck" and not "Uncle Scrooge", but again, my hypothesis about that "#1" ...

  2. If you look REALLY closely, Ryan, the traditional numbering is there alongside the # 1.

    …And, if you look closer still, you might find a backup story dialogued by… Oh, modesty forbids!

  3. I think they are sticking with the original numbering entirely for WDCS.