Sunday, October 9, 2011

Less than a week away!

If all goes according to plan, I'll be at New York Comic Con next weekend, doing what Don Rosa's seen doing here, at this year's San Diego Comic Con:

(If this isn't foreign territory to you and aren't sure what exactly he's doing...he's carefully browsing through boxes of old comics, looking for ones that he wants to buy!  This is at one of the many, many dealers on the convention floor.) 

(This picture was taken at last year's San Diego Comic Con.  Someone at DCF linked to where they'd found this picture, but it part of a lonnnnnnnng thread of pictures, and I had wait a long time for the whole page to load, and scroll forever to find this one.  So, I wasn't eager to bookmark the page -- snatched up this picture, and got out of there!  But because of that experience, regretably, I can't give credit for this photo to where it's due.)  (Well, I could, if I really, really felt like sifting through DCF to find the thread where I'd originally followed the afore-mentioned link, and enduring that bloated photo thread again to single out whoever posted this one of Don [amongst hundreds of others...])

It's not likely that Rosa will be at the New York convention.  But I really hope that I get to meet him someday, and show him my very first comic (same copy!), Uncle Scrooge's Adventures #5, which featured "Last Sled to Dawson", one of his earliest stories!


  1. The first Don Rosa comic I ever had was a special tabloid-size Graphic Novel from Gladstone that reprinted "Cash Flow" "Last Sled to Dawson" "Mythological Menagerie" and others. I'd bring that along, and another comic that reprinted "The Crocodile Collector", which I love.

  2. I believe you mean this, good sir:


    In fifth grade, that album is what I used to counter my best friend's insistence that Image, Marvel, etc. had great artists (he was and is an incredible artist himself), but there was no way that Duck and Mouse comics could have admirable art. Just catching sight of the cover had him admitting he was wrong, and praising the "detail"!


  3. Yep. That's it. :)

    True story: Jim Lee, Jeph Loeb and Joe Quesada were attending a convention in Italy, but the lines were small. Meanwhile, Don Rosa was mobbed! :)

  4. If this were Facebook, I would have "Liked" that comment!