Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two DuckTales petitions ...

Ron Jones' DuckTales score is a sorely under-acknowledged component of the series. To this day, certain cues really "get me".

For example, does this image mentally evoke a certain menacing, impending doom-evoking musical phrase?

To hear them standing on their own, as in this YouTube video, renews my appreciation for them:

A friend I've met through blogging, Kenneth, feels just as strong as I do, if not stronger, about this subject. He has created a petition urging Disney Records to "Release the Complete Music Score for DuckTales on CD and/or iTunes". I implore any fan of the series to sign it:


And, Kenneth's inspired me to write one of my own, instructing Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on how to "Release a DuckTales deluxe collector's edition box set":


Not being in a position to produce such releases ourselves, we have to do the best we can!

-- Ryan


  1. I’d be happy enough to just get the final episodes of DuckTales released on DVD, after all these years – and NOT through that “Disney Movie Club” (or whatever they call it) nonsense that they did with TALE SPIN. Why does Disney keep on giving us so many self-inflicted reasons to hold it in contempt? Could be that they hold US in contempt? From the hijacking of Gladstone Series I to the present day, they just keep doing it. If petitions worked, especially on an entity like Disney, I’d have one up for the comic books.

    I hope you get to enjoy Ron Jones’ scores regularly on FAMILY GUY.

  2. Joe,

    It may be not so much that they hold us in contempt, but that we don't even register to them.

    Now that you mention the hijacking of Gladstone I ... as much as I resent that, given our current situation, I'd now gladly take Gladstone II!

    re: Ron Jones and Family Guy -- I actually didn't put two and two together until preparing this post. But now I understand why Family Guy has such cinematic (and versatile) scores!

    -- Ryan

  3. Ryan and Joe:

    Count in my vote for an official DuckTales soundtrack CD as well, boys... I often drop by those YouTube vids and play the loops as background music when I work at home. Rich scores/cues like that are too good to keep, especially if they'd sweeten the pot with a bonus disc containing a few tracks from the feature film and *both* versions of the CAPCOM DuckTales video game (1989 and 2013.)

    The reception for the 2013 game has proven successful and financially favorable... you'd think the Studio would want to get back on that Duckburg "gravy train" beyond the good work being done at Fantagraphics?

    - Dan

  4. Ryan,

    I signed the petition... hopefully you can make quota! :-)


  5. Dan,

    I could go for a separate release for the movie's complete score, actually (while I'm dreaming...)

    You would think that the game's success would result in more revivals/reissues/etc., wouldn't you? The video game -- essentially a licensed toy -- has been treated better than the series!

    -- Ryan